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A Place for YouVocation!  Everyone has one!  

How is God calling you?  Is it to consecrated life as a Holy Union Sister?  To journey into the future with Holy Union Sisters as an Associate or Friend? To join the Holy Union Sisters in ministry or companionship?


Please click on the links below and explore ways you can:



  • Become a vowed Holy Union Sister
  • Embrace the call of the Holy Union Sisters to "be at the heart of the world" as an Associate, Friend or member of the Holy Union Family 
  • Gather with and support the Sisters 

A Place for You





Discerning your call from God is not just about making good choices, like what to wear today or what to study.  Discernment is about developing a relationship with God so that we can come to see our life as God sees it and desire what God wants for us.


God lovingly calls us to be the best version of ourselves, living our giftedness in the world the same way Jesus did.   Think of your discernment as a journey in which you will grow personally and closer to God.  The best discernments are not rushed, but lived in openness and surrender to God.




The Vocation to Religious Life

The Vocation to Religious LifeThe call to religious life is marked by a desire to serve God and God's people.  But, though ministry is a part of every religious vocation, service is not the distinguishing characteristic of a call to consecrated life as a member of a religious community.  The uniqueness of this call is living the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in and with a community.

Prayer, both individually and with community, is a central element in the life of every religious sister.  Community life itself is one of the greatest witnesses that religious life has to offer in cultures where self-interest and individualism are often valued.  Community involves tolerance, self-sacrifice, and reverence for all.

The Vows

The Vows


the freedom to give!  The desire to live simply, to assume a relationship that reverences all things as intimately given and belonging to God.



the freedom to love!  Offering our whole heart to God through this vow, seeking to love all people.



The Vows



the freedom to live!  Attentive listening to God's will, acknowledgement that we are called to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking through the circumstances of our lives.

Each of the vows is rooted in a desire to give one's self totally to God, to grow in intimacy with Jesus Christ, and to help people come to love God more fully.  The vows are a witness to the primacy of God in our lives. 

Why Be a Holy Union Associate, a Friend of La Sainte Union or a Member of the Holy Union Family?

To respond to an inner call to a fuller relationship with God  

To embrace the call of the Holy Union Sisters / La Sainte Union  "to be at the heart of the world revealing God's love"

To share with others ~ prayer in varied forms, discussion of Scriptures and other spiritual topics

To journey into the future with Holy Union Sisters and other Associates and Friends

Who Are Holy Union Associates / La Sainte Union Friends / Holy Union Family?

Associates and Friends are women and men who identify closely with the Holy Union / La Sainte Union charism "to be at the heart of the world revealing God's love."  This association offers an opportunity to share prayer and spirituality on a regular basis with other women and men desiring closer union with God and God's people.



Holy Union USAWhere are the Holy Union Associates in the United States?

  • Maryland -  Baltimore City, Baltimore County
  • Anne Arundel County, Carroll County
  • Massachusetts - Ayer/Shirley, Brockton, Fall
  • River, Tewksbury, Taunton
  • New York - Albany, New York City


Holy Union Siaters UK

Where are the Friends of La Sainte Union in the UK?

  • Bournemouth
  • Southeast England
  • The Isle of Wight
  • Scotland





Holy Union Sisters Argentina

Where is the Holy Union Family in Argentina?

  • Mendoza
  • Villa 15
  • Rosario

Gather with and Support the Sisters

Gather with and Support the Sisters "We can easily identify with the reminder that we reveal God's love by inviting others to pray with us, reflect together, enjoy a meal, share instances of God's grace in action.  From our earliest days in Douai, a mark of Holy Union has been hospitality..."  (Grace Donovan SUSC, BRIDGES, April 2004)

Holy Union's custom of hospitality continues in all areas since our founding in  1826.  The Associates in the United States and the Friends in England gather on both informal and at regular, scheduled times with the Sisters in various areas.  


S. Mathida in Cameroon writes:  "As part of our culture, the presence of anyone around us brings joy to all.  We open our doors to all and especially to those who want to know and share more with us in the congregation. ... Living and working with people in different ministries, we try to create forums of meetings to share our charism with them through celebrations of significant feasts and events."

S. Elizabeth in Haiti writes: "Our doors, be it at Port-au-Prince or St. Michel remain open to all those who come for formal or informal visits."  She adds that women often come to visit and seek advice."

Sisters Adrianna and Marion Frances in Tanzania state: We welcome many, especially women, who come to us with problems in need of a listening ear and advice. Life is hard here and there is no medical or social welfare available. We  also help as we can with food, encouragement and medical or financial help in emergencies.

The Sisters in Cameroon also sponsor an annual program for interested women (a live-in) so that they can have the opportunity to start knowing who we (Holy Union Sisters) are and how we live as a congregation and as religious.

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