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Holy Union has been international since its beginnings. The first Holy Union community of four women who were teaching the children of Douai in 1826 were French and Belgian.  Today  the congregation is  present in France, Belgium,  England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; Argentina; the United States;  Cameroon, Tanzania and Benin in Africa, Italy, and Haiti - 14 countries on 4 continents. 


"...the gift of internationality challenges our prejudices and complacency ...  calls on all ... to network with others in appreciation of cultural diversity, interdependence, and interconnectedness.  Inclusion of all God's loved ones, i.e., all of Creation, becomes an integral consideration as we seek to express our charism in a prophetic way."  
(Grace Donovan, SUSC, BRIDGES, September 2001)


"United in service throughout the world, we are called through our consecration to witness to the liberating and continuing power of the Incarnation."  
(Constitutions, Article 4)


“The gift of internationality in our congregation brings with it a broadening of vision and a deeper sense of community with the world.”  
(Constitutions, Article 80)


"Our mission places us among many peoples. When serving in a multicultural situation or in a land other than our own, we respect the heritage and customs of the people as well as their cultural expression of God's presence.  Through openness to other traditions, we will be enriched as we serve."
(Constitutions,  Article 58)



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