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The Holy Union Sisters were founded in France in 1826 with a mission toward education. When the recently ordained Father Jean Baptiste Debrabant arrived in St. Jacques Parish in Douai, he supported a group of four women who soon welcomed other women and children for instruction in their faith and other practical skills. Their mission was to reveal God's love through the Christian education of youth.  Throughout our  history, this mission  has expanded throughout the world  and now includes health care facilities and programs for persons with special needs.

To learn more about Holy Union's ministries, click on the mission areas listed below and explore the websites of that area.


Anglo-Hibernian-Tanzanian Mission Area


27 Catherine St., Newry, Co. Down, BT356JG, N. Ireland

Glóir is a collaborative ministry sponsored by the Holy Union Sisters and the Sisters of Mercy.  

Glóir works collaboratively with other to create spaces and places where together they explore imaginative ways of living justly on our planet. Glóir works with people who believe in participating in the shaping of a future marked by greater social justice. Glóir's understanding is that collaboration enables voices to be heard.

Over the past 10 years,  Gloir has offered most of its work of Consultation, Facilitation and Education through Conferences of Religious in Africa. Staff of Gloir have been invited to work in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Ethiopia.
In response to request from different groups in Africa who have participated in Gloir Workshops, Gloir has published A Facilitator’s Guide for General Chapters.


La Sainte Union Catholic SchoolLa Sainte Union Catholic School

La Sainte Union is a Catholic Girls' 11-18 school, with boys joining us in the Sixth Form as part of the LaSwap consortium. Our Catholic identity is at the core of all we do, and we strive to provide a caring and secure environment in which each pupil can achieve and realise his or her own potential. We wish to develop a strong community among our pupils, parents, governors and staff, so that each one feels a sense of belonging, and a deep commitment to our Gospel values of tolerance, respect and compassion. We aim to promote a culture of service to others, and the enhancement of leadership skills, so that with our school council and other student committees we work together to continually improve our school.  
(from the Welcome by Mrs. Maureen Williams, Headteacher)

Our Lady's Bower Secondary School Our Lady's Bower Secondary School

Our Lady's Bower aims to provide an education which is firmly Christian.  Within this caring community we endeavour to develop the spiritual, intellectual, artistic, moral and social capacity of all our students.  The school motto "Each for all and all for God" is the framework within which everyday life at our school is lived

Gray's Convent High School
Gray's Convent High School  


We affirm that we have been entrusted by the Congregation of La Sainte Union and by our faith community to be a school characterised by union, prayer, worship, service and work, where we can grow in Christ through our relationships with each other.   Therefore, Grays Convent High School strives to be an accepting and caring community which centres its work on the values of the Gospel.   The School works in partnership with the family, the parishes, the local communities and the LSU Congregation to offer each child opportunities to develop in understanding and wholeness. 
(from the Mission Statement)


St. Catherine's Catholic SchoolSt. Catherine's Catholic School

St. Catherine’s is a very successful school with a reputation for academic excellence. We are a true comprehensive and provide a quality education for our students irrespective of their ability as they all have the potential to succeed beyond their expectations. Most importantly our students develop, whilst in our care to be confident young women who understand and     appreciate the valuable contribution they can make to society.


St. Anne's Catholic School and 6th Form College               


St Anne's is a Catholic school committed to teaching the Christian Faith and to providing an excellent education for all the girls in our care. St. Anne's is renowned for its achievements in art and music, drama and dance and in all areas of sport. 
A student will come to a school where she will be cherished, treated as an individual and given the opportunity to develop her talents and her skills. We aim to enable our girls to become confident and successful young women to respond to the challenges of the world around them and eager to take their rightful place in the world of the 21st Century.

The Holy Union Sisters of the Anglo-Hibernian-Tanzanian Mission Area also sponsor and administer Debrabant Secondary School, a Pre-School, a Primary School, a school for late starters, and a day care centre for children with special needs in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. The Secondary School is named for the founder of the Holy Union Sisters, Jean Baptiste Debrabant, a French priest who felt that the future of the Catholic Church lay in the hands of the young who would eventually bring up generations of the faithful.  "A Christian based education offers sure hope for the future of religion and society." (Archdiocese of Westminster, UK)


Mission Area of Cameroon

St. Mary's Catholic Comprehensive High School, NdopSt. Mary's Catholic Comprehensive High School, Ndop

St. Mary's is the only Catholic Secondary High School the Ndop Plain area of the North West Province of Cameroon.  It is open to both boys and girls from all backgrounds and religions.  It offers boarding facilities to both genders.



St. John the Baptist Health Care Centre, Ndop

The Centre is the only health care centre providing comprehensive health care services in the area around the village of Ndop, Northwest Province.  Its work began in 2004 and is administered by the Holy Union Sisters.  About 65% of the patients are children.  Services include pre-natal care, maternal/child health care, immunizations and vaccinations, emergency treatment, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment, and more.  Education and training for improving health knowledge is provided for clients at the centre.


St. Monica Health Care Centre, Baba

The Health Centre originally started out as a dispensary and now sees 200 patients per month plus 200 for child welfare and 80 at antenatal clinic.  It is  located about an hour's drive from Ndop.  Services include pre-natal care, maternal/child health care, immunizations and vaccinations, emergency treatment, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment, and more.  Education and training for improving health knowledge is provided for clients at the centre.

Franco-Belge Mission Area

Haïti PresencesHaïti Presences

In France, the Haiti Présence Association was created in 1996.  It is designed to inform and raise awareness in France of the realities in Haiti and to support the Holy Union Sisters and their Haitian partners. For almost 20 years, Haiti Présence has provided financial support to St. Michel de l'Attalaye School in the northwestern area of Haiti.  They have  provided assistance to the prison ministries  in St. Marc and Port-au-Prince.  Funds are also sent to the nutrition centre at St. Louis Marie de Montfort Parish in Port-au-Prince.  

The group raises funds through donations, Christmas markets, the support of schools, sponsored events such as hiking, and more. 



l'Institut de la Sainte-Union de Kain

Ensure that every morning, our students come with the desire to learn, this is our daily challenge.
Our facility is open to the world, wants to give meaning to learning so that each student can gradually build its identity as future adult and responsible citizen.   


V. Dewasme, Director

Insistut la Sainte-Union - DourInsistut la Sainte-Union - Dour

Our school stands in Dour, in Belgium, at only a minute away from the French border. The secondary school (1200 pupils) is now separated from the primary school (400 pupils), following an increase in population. The secondary school offers general, technical and vocational education. The first nuns arrived here in 1844.

The new logo (designed by some pupils) draws its inspiration from the values of the founder of Saint-Union, Jean-Baptiste Debrabant. The interlaced S and U represent the Saint-Union, but also our device all « United to serve », in the image of JBDB and the Sisters of the Saint-Union who worked for everyone’s welfare, but mainly for the poorest and the most destitute.
Our school wants to be open to the world, and develops an educational project to:

- Welcome everyone, child, young, adult, with what they are, what they can do, what they live, with their projects ;

- Educate together with you, families, and us, the Saint-Union institute, through the knowledge and the values we pass down in order to be open to the world with critical mind, judgment and respect ;

- Increase the standing of each child, young, adult in order to allow them to grow up, to develop their personality, to know themselves to give the best of themselves.

Enseignement Fondamental Libre, Tournai


Enseignement Fondamental Libre, Tournai

This Holy Union school is located in the heart of the city of Tournai.  It's values include respect, courtesy and self-confidence.  The school has just about 180 students ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 12 years.




École Sainte Thérèse de BerguesÉcole Sainte Thérèse de Bergues

École Sainte Thérèse de Bergues is a Catholic school under contract with the state which welcomes children from kindergarten to CM2. We offer an environment where every child can thrive!








Institution Sainte-OdileInstitution Sainte-Odile 

The Institution Sainte-Odile, under the supervision of the Sisters of the Holy Union, currently enrolls nearly 1,700 students from kindergarten (2 years) classes of terminal L, S, ES.  The School implements of an educational activities which  promote the success of all.


Institute of the Holy Union in DouaiInstitute of the Holy Union in Douai
Notre Dame School
St. Joseph School
St. Clotilde College


The Institute of the Holy Union of Douai is located at two sites:
- 71 rue de Beguinage 59500 Douai
- 372 Avenue Twickenham 59500

Association BethsaideAssociation Bethsaide

Bethsaide is an association whose purpose is the care and support for people with mental disabilities.  It was established in 1982, the initiative of the Holy Union Sisters who became aware of the need to create a program for people of differing abilities and to support the parents who care for special needs children.

École & College Sacré Cœur

The values that we wish to develop are:
Respect for self and others
Effort and a desire for progress
The meaning of work
Solidarity with others
Generosity and Freedom
The Educational Community (Teachers, Children, Staff and Parents) engage in a reflective and constructive dialogue to promote these values.

Collège Notre Dame de Wormhout

This Catholic educational institution is located in the heartland of Houtland, Inner Flanders, at the junction of Hazebrouck, Dunkerque and St Omer.  In this college on a human scale and family-oriented, the teaching staff works hard for the development of every student: educational development, cultural and human.
The educational project of the college is based on three axes:
- College, a place of learning and teaching
- College: a place to live
- College: a place of fulfillment

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