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Baba, Cameroon Now Has an Operating Blood Bank!

Sister Josephine Nko (aka Josy) announced recently that the long awaited blood bank is now functional at St. Monica's Health Care Centre, Baba1, Cameroon!!

She writes:  

Before the official opening of the blood bank at St. Monica, Baba 1 in Cameroon, I wish, on behalf of the staff of the above institution, to announce to you that the blood bank is already in use. I also write to remind you all of some of the modalities of the Bank: 

When we were requesting funding for this project, we said among other things that the blood bank will serve not only St. Monica’s, but 33 health facilities of the Ndop Health District.

It is just so encouraging that the very same day we installed the bank we had seven people who were able to donate blood to keep for those who would need it. At about 2 am, Cameroon time, we were called for an operation in which the patient needed 3 bags of blood. This was not all: two children with blood level of 4gs and 5gs came in all needing blood. 

On Saturday last week, we received a child from one of the health facilities with shortage of blood.  The family told us they have been sent to us because we had a blood bank. 

This is the work of God, and we are very grateful to Sr. Maryellen Ryan, Dr Thomas Krahn, and all of you who prayed for us to have this happen. 

Here are some of the photos. 

We will keep you updated as we progress in this venture, 

God bless you all,
Sr. Josy  






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