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Two Sisters in Tanzania Pronounce Final Vows

Sr. Jesca Ndege and Sr. Alice Nyaga made their perpetual commitment on Monday 11thSeptember 2017.

The memorable occasion was celebrated in the local Parish church with two Bishops presiding, one of them from Sr. Jesca’s home diocese and the other from Dar es Salaam.

Besides the Holy Union Sisters, there were representatives from all the small Christian communities as well as the local religious communities. The families of Sr. Jesca and Sr. Alice were present even though they all had to make a two day journey to be there. The church was packed and beautifully decorated.


It was a very happy day beginning with an inspiring Mass and dedication service for receiving the vows. The two sisters spoke well, confidently and clearly, leaving no doubt that they meant with their heart what they pronounced with their lips.


The parish hall is still not complete but even so it was tastefully decorated and there was an atmosphere of great joy in the celebrations which followed.


This was not the end. The festivities continued into the evening at the convent. The novices and postulants put on a delightful play wearing the old habit (which was hilarious with big white paper crosses and voluminous black drapes) they showed how our sisters prayed and worked together on various ministries. Then they showed how to day, even though they now wear ordinary clothes, they still follow the example of the early sisters in prayer and ministry. Finally they spoke of the two making final vows and showed how they appreciated their example and hoped they too would pass on a similar inspiring example. It was very good, light hearted but telling. The evening ended about midnight with a solemn and grateful singing of the Salve Regina.


Sr. Alice Nyaga

Sr Alice Nyaga

Sr. Alice comes from central province Kenya where she was the last born of nine children. In Primary school she joined a ‘Catholic Action’ group and it was there that she first felt the desire to become a religious. She was led to Holy Union in Tanzania where she spent some time as a candidate, after finishing her secondary education, teaching English in Maji Matitu Primary school. In 2007 she entered the novitiate in Cameroon where she made her first profession on 24th June 2009.


On returning to Tanzania she spent two years in the catechetical college in Sanya Juu, Moshi. After graduating she was missioned to the local parish as a catechist. In 2013 she went to Zambia to train for Formation ministry. She now continues to work on the catechetical team of the parish as well as on the Formation team of Holy Union working with the postulants.



 Sr. Jesca Ndege

Sr Jesca Ndege

Sr. Jesca was the fourth child in a family of nine born and brought up in Magu-Mkoa Mwanza Tanzania. She is the only member of her family to become a religious. In 1997 she joined various religious groups for young people and it was there she felt the call to become a religious.


In August 2007 she wrote asking to join Holy Union. Their charism of unity especially attracted her. After spending some time with the community she joined the novitiate in Cameroon in 2008 where she took her first vows in 2011.


On returning to Tanzania she was missioned to work in Matumaini Centre with children with special needs particularly problems with their limbs. From there she moved to the new novitiate at Dundani Tanzania as a member of the novitiate community where she continues to help with the novices.    


  • Two Sisters in Tanzania Pronounce Final Vows
  • Two Sisters in Tanzania Pronounce Final Vows
  • Two Sisters in Tanzania Pronounce Final Vows
  • Two Sisters in Tanzania Pronounce Final Vows
  • Two Sisters in Tanzania Pronounce Final Vows
  • Two Sisters in Tanzania Pronounce Final Vows


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