Pray with Us

Pray with UsPray with Us"Form all together one heart,
one mind, one spirit."

Jean Baptiste Debrabant, 1842

Mary's role in the Incarnation has special significance for us.  Her "yes" at the moment of the Annunciation was a wholehearted response to the Father's plan.  From her continued openness and fidelity to the Spirit, we learn to live in union with Christ and bring him to others. (Luke 1:38-30)  Constitutions, Article 3


To be faithful to our name and heritage and to realize our common mission, we strive to imitate the union of Jesus and Mary. (Circular of 1842) Constitutions, Article 6

Each year, the Church celebrates the feast of the Annunciation to commemorate Mary's "yes" that she would let it be done according to God's will and her "yes" that she would accept to become the mother of the one who would be Savior of the world. On this feast day, Holy Union Sisters throughout the world also pronounce our "yes" to the Church and to each other as we renew our vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  This feast honors the union of the living hearts of Jesus and Mary.  We, Holy Union Sisters, whose very name recalls that union, recommit ourselves to our mission of union and reconciliation at the heart of the world.                                
(excerpted from a podcast given by S. Rita Beaudoin, SUSC on September 21, 2013)

Our Holy Union Prayer   

 International Trafficking                                                                                                                                                             

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